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Level Editor
Game Modes


From zero to hero!

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Mix and match costumes!

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Level Editor

Full Level Editor!

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Game Modes

Time Trial Challenges!

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Level Editor
Game Modes

Welcome to the Goober Dash Fandom Wiki!

Greetings, Goober Dash fans, and welcome to our community hub! This wiki is your ultimate destination for all things related to Goober Dash game made by Winterpixel Games Inc!

What is Goober Dash?

Goober Dash is a game of beans running and jumping around trying to reach the end! It is a new game made by Winterpixel Games Inc with a similar formula to Falls Guys and Stumble Guys, but with a unique twist! The game also features a community level editor with a chance of your level being added into the game!

Stay Up-to-Date!

I will keep the Wiki very up-to-date and edit often to include the latest information, but I can't always know everything. I am glad to let the community contribute as well!

Contribute to the Wiki!

As a member of this Fandom community, you should add on to the wiki and contribute your knowledge, expanding the wiki! Who knows! Maybe it could help someone?

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GooberDash Update 1



  • LEVEL 13! Over 20 new cosmetics to collect, Starter Pack, New Gem Price Points: 1$ and 2$.
  • 3 New Level Nodes! Music Block, Ice Block, Jump Zone


  • Custom Lobby flow improved.
  • Custom Lobbies players can select 'random' map - plays a random certified map.


Official Launch Trailer

When a map gets verified, it is in game!

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